The Torāpen is a green Large Virus found in Nanodiver.

ND-Torapen Render


It has a main cylindrical body with a flat cap-like top, which has several square protuberances in circles, it has four tentacle limbs with membrane-like edges and spikes protruding from below front "palms", the spiked palms will be severed with enough damage, they can be suctioned for one extra item, in its "torso" there are several black holes, along with three white ones that represent the front, when enraged, several rectangular shapes where its "eye" holes are will turn red.

Torāpen moves around by hovering, attacking divers by slapping them with its tentacles, or by dropping to ground level where it has a few moves, such as body slamming, slapping with its front tentacles and generating an electric field around its body.


雷撃触手の恐怖(The horror of Lightning Tentacles)
Location 循環器(Cardiovascular System).
Time 40 Minutes.
Retry Amount 3.
Item トラーペンの筋状組織片
RP 1000 - 1500.
Bonus Item 1 トラーペンの筋状組織片
Bonus Condition 1 Got rid of LOST virus in high condition (?).
Bonus Item 2 強化フィルム
Bonus Condition 2 Patient is in good condition (?).


Icon Name How to Obtain
トラーペンの頭部鋸刃 Suction
トラーペンの触手電極 Suction(Tentacles)
白色放電セル Suction
トラーペンの短触手 Suction(Tentacles)
トラーペンの筋状組織片 Suction, "The horror of Lightning Tentacles" Bonus Reward 1
トラーペンのアデニン Suction
トラーペンのmRNA Suction

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